Zámek Žďár

The Baroque Tower

We offer accommodation of the Baroque tower: stylish double-bed rooms with a third-bed option, own bathrooms. There are 3 rooms in all – for access, a spiral stairway has to be used. The rooms are fully furnished, including a built-in refrigerator, electrical kettle, and a TV set. The bathroom has a shower unit.

Number of beds: Three double-bed rooms
Price: 750 CZK / 1 person / night


750 CZK / 1 person / night
1100 CZK / 2 persons / night
300 CZK / cot / night

All prices include VAT and all local taxes.

Breakfast in the castle cafe:
Breakfast is served in the castle cafeteria 8:00 to 10:00. Price per person is 100 CZK. Further information will be provided during the reservation.

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