Zámek Žďár

Šlakhamr in Hamry nad Sázavou

Travel time: 11 minutes

Formerly a flour mill, this building houses a permanent exposition that acquaints visitors with the rich blacksmith tradition in the region of Žďár. The exposition includes practical presentations of the mill operations and – on special occasions – the still functioning power hammer and other equipment.

The beginnings of hardware production in Žďár are related to the colonization of the countryside in this region situated on the borderline between Bohemia and Moravia. The Cistercian monastery in Žďár nad Sázavou is a part of the colonization. It is very likely that several mills with hardware production, i.e., “hamry”, were founded at the time. The exposition commemorates the history of one of them, called Šlakhamr, whose origin goes as far back as the beginnings of the 1400’s, according to historical sources. Visitors will have the chance to meet with the last inhabitants of the mill – the Brdíček family. Particularly captivating to visitors are demonstrations of the way the medieval hardware blacksmiths used to make charcoal or extract iron from ore, and what products they used to make.

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Šlakhamr - Hamry nad Sázaovu - Zámek Žďár nad Sázavou

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