Zámek Žďár

For families with children – old

Are you planning an outing with your children to Žďár? You can combine a tour of the castle grounds as well as Zelená Hora with a tour of another historical heritage site or attraction in the region.

Our tip: Do not miss the chance to take a walk around the Konventní and Bránský Pond: Circle A and Circle B, both measuring about 2 km each.

Educational trails around Konventní and Bránský Pond

Circle A (2.1 km) is more suitable for families with small children. It takes you the vicinity of Bránský Pond, where you will see two structures designed by the Czech prominent architect Jan Blažej Santini Aichel: Lyra Farmyard and Lower Cemetery.

Circle B (2.6 km) is an outing to an area of the most protected nature preserve. It will take you to an impressive environment near Konventní Pond, with a wonderful of the pond, the castle, as well as the Pilgrimage Church of St. Jan Nepomuk at Zelená Hora.

The Grounds of Salón Expres Polnička

Natural playing grounds, where your children may frolic around freely, can be found on the outskirts of Polnička, roughly 5 km north of Žďár nad Sázavou.

The grounds of Salón Expres Polnička measure about 15,000 sq. m. Facilities for children includefour-wheel carts, buggies, and electrical cars. The natural pond on the grounds can be used for boat rides on electrical boats, both for children and adults. The greatest attraction is the children’s train that takes visitors for a 300-meter trips on a narrow-track railway – minimum limit is 10 persons.

Refreshments are available at the grounds.

Model Kingdom of Žďár nad Sázavou

Especially boys will enjoy a visit to one of the largest model railways in the country. Models of Nové Město, Žďár, Bystřice, and Nedvědice regions with a functional railway are on display at the Cultural House in Žďár.

Everybody who comes here will be instantly enchanted by the world of the model railway with honking train sets. The railway track offers a view of miniature railway stations, 600 meters of railway tracks, and 160 switches with up to 70 functional train sets.

Exposition is located in the basement of theCultural House in Žďár.

Každý, kdo sem zavítá, je ihned pohlcen světem modelové železnice s houkajícími vlakovými soupravami. Kolejiště společně se skrytými nádražími nabízí pohled na 600 m kolejí a přes 160 výhybek, po kterých se prohání až 70 vlakových souprav.

Expozice se nachází v suterénu žďárského Domu kultury.

Pilák Suburban Recreational Area

Pilák is a recreational zone near the Castle of Žďár nad Sázavou, where visitors may an 18-track play mini-golf or a 9-basket disc-golf. A sandy riverbank area is reserved for beach volleyball, soccer and handball. All the necessary sport supplies are available directly on the grounds at a rental place.

Very attractive is the 21-meter funicular with suspended seats. For fitness fans, there is a fitness park with 4 static stations for body exercises or a facility with 5 mechanical fitness machines. If the weather is favorable, do not miss yet another attraction – a boat or peddle boat ride in the Pilák reservoir.

Of course, there are various courts for the youngest children as well as grown-ups. The biking track that runs through the grounds is part of the Santini cycling trail.

Michal Olšiak’s Sculptures

Monumental sculptures of concrete and sand stone by Michal Olšiak are integrated into the landscape of Žďárské Vrchy (Žďár Hills) – it will be a lot of fun for your children to look for them.

Michal Olšiak, a native of Žďár, is a brilliant painter and sculptor of animals and phantasy figures. In Olšiak’s work, we also find references to historical artworks, such as the sculpture of a turtle in Obyčtov [Obychtov], where the architect designed a church shaped like a turtle. Most popular among his works is the sculpture of a lion and an eagle that are supposed to symbolize the borderline between Bohemia and Moravia.

Another interesting artwork is the sculpture of a crayfish, one of the protected species living in the Žďár Highlands, in the center of the town of Račín [Racheen], and a sculpture of a prehistoric mammoth in the valley of the Sázava River, below Rozštípená Skála [Split Rock], to name a few.

Fairytale Village in Podlesí

Non-traditional accommodation is offered to families with children at the recreational Podlesí Hotel in Svratka. In this fairytale village, you will find Snowhite’s house, Rákosníček, and Little Red Riding Hood. You may sleep in the house of Rumcajs and Cipísek or Budulínek.

In addition to the opportunity of staying in the house of your favorite fairytale character, the offer of family weekends includes half-board, bathing in an indoor swimming pool, and meeting with fairytale characters. Children are bound to be excited over the dress-up costumes, in which they can pretend to be Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, or Budulínek.

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