Zámek Žďár

For families with children

Educational trail around Bránský Pond

Circle A (2.1 km) is more suitable for families with small children. It takes you the vicinity of Bránský Pond, where you will see two structures designed by the Czech prominent architect Jan Blažej Santini Aichel: Lyra Farmyard and Lower Cemetery.

Educational trail around Konventský Pond

Circle B (2.6 km) is an outing to an area of the most protected nature preserve. It will take you to an impressive environment near Konventský Pond, with a wonderful of the pond, the castle, as well as the Pilgrimage Church of St. Jan Nepomuk at Zelená Hora.

Children's corner

Children's corner is located in the immediate vicinity of the cafe where parents can spend pleasant moments of rest, but also to be in touch with their children. You can then paint, build, write on the blackboard, and much more, while you enjoy great coffee, for example.

Creative workshops

For children of all ages, we have prepared a program where they can under the guidance of experienced instructors develop their talents or try something new.

Entertainment near the estate

In the immediate vicinity of the castle you will find plenty of attractions where your kids are guaranteed to entertain. Whether it's a water park, recreational area, one of the largest model in the Republic of yards, children's area Salon Express in Polnička, unique sculptures of Michael Olšiak or the unique nature of the PLA Hills.

Sculptures of Michal Olšiak

Painter and sculptor from Žďár created the figures of animals and fantasy figures. Olšiak's work includes also references to historical scenes - an example is the statue of a turtle in Obyčtov, where he created the architect Santini church in the shape of a turtle. Among the popular works include sculptures of a lion and an eagle, which originated as a symbolic border between Bohemia and Moravia.
Thumbnails of these sculptures you can buy in our store.

Items of Interest