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Programs for schools

Teachers of all school levels are invited to come with their students for a tour of the New Generation Museum! Can you think of some themes you could discuss with your students right here? Use the opportunity of being at this Museum as motivation for teaching history, basic sociology, math, creative arts, etc. use the Museum as a telescope for looking into history – or perhaps as kaleidoscope, crystal, or teleport? Make use of the multi-level grounds to present different periods of historyas well as the living present. The complex offers extraordinary opportunities of working with selected themes in an authentic environment and, simultaneously, in broad contexts and time contexts, as mediated by the New Generation Museum.

Zdar estate, former Cistercian Monastery, and the New Generation Museum in Žďár nad Sázavou gives pedagogues of elementary and secondary schools and their students, of course, exceptional opportunities in the form of comprehensive educational programs that overreach into history, art history, as well as everyday life, but also math, physics and anatomy.

All offered programs are pursuing the objectives set out in the Framework educational programs of the Ministry of Education and at the same time they are built on extraordinary opportunity to introduce cross-curricular links in an authentic and still live environment, where they meet various fields of human activity, past and present, secular and the spiritual.

Program for lower primary school – Be close to the stars

Program for upper primary school – A man in the house, the house in a man

Program for high school – Stabilitas loci – Zdar monastery in a labyrinth of time


Practical information:

Programs last 2-3 hours and are performed directly in the premises of the Museum of the new generation (exposure and Inventorium – a space for workshops) and in the estate grounds.

Programs are conducted by experienced trainers, trained instructors with experience from the National Gallery in Prague, Prague City Gallery and other institutions.

Programs are offered on weekdays from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m..


The price of the program is 50,- CZK / pupil / student (teacher has free entry)

The price of the program includes instructor-led program, all the tools and materials necessary to implement the program.


If interested, please contact:

Martina Schutová

email: schutova@zamekzdar.cz

tel: +420 732 937 710


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